If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. Dustin was born and raised in Edmonton where he lives a life close to his friends and family that are very dear to him. He obtained a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Alberta and worked as a marketing Manager with a major outdoor retailer for 4 years prior to changing paths and entering the world of mortgage financing. The idea of owning his own business, and being able to help his clients without any sales pressure and experience some of their greatest life moments such as purchasing their first home with them was incentive enough to take the plunge and he hasn't looked back since. "The clients are what makes the job enjoyable" and that is why he continues to strive for greatness when helping his clients not only obtain mortgage financing, but understand it as well. Too often homeowners are pushed into a particular mortgage product because "that's what the bank wants" or "it seemed like the only option" but there are often better options and if not, knowing why this option works best for the individual will help them understand their mortgage better and assist in their financial literacy which will do nothing but help them in the long run. 

Dustin's passion for communication and socializing in his personal life has reflected in a career that he is proud to be a part of and a business that he is proud to own. When he isn't helping customers understand their mortgage Dustin loves to get outdoors. Feel bored and want to chat with a friend talk to Dustin about a recent bike trail that you rode in the Edmonton River Valley, or a nearby lake or river that you love to fish. If it gets Dustin outdoors or talking about the outdoors he will be right in his element.